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You have probably noticed this comm only really gets updated when I suddenly have something to rec. Um, yeah. I won't make any promises of more regularity because I will probably disappoint. But here goes.

"Yeah, I know what an allegory is," said Ace by merripestin
There once was a man who married a goldfish.
G; 100 words; drabble

why you'd like it: I found powerful, well-written drabbles all over the Harry Potter fandom, but the ones I've seen in Doctor Who fandom thusfar have always seemed lacking. This one totally just pointed and laughed in my face, and may be the best drabble I've read, though that sounds kind of melodramatic. Also, it's 100 words, you're not going to strain yourself reading it. I'm classing it as Seven because that's how the author classifies it, but there's really nothing regeneration-specific.

why you might not: I guess some people might like 'em longer. That's what she said.

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25 May 2009 @ 07:42 pm
This rec is totally appropriate for today. I rule.

The Benefits of Bureaucracy by honorh
Rose likes the "saving the world" bit more with running, but this will have to do.
PG; Ten2/Rose, humour

why you'd like it: I couldn't put my finger on it until I saw it brought up in the comments, but there's definitely a very Hitchhiker's Guide feel to this fic even if it isn't a direct cross-over, and in general I think if you like Doctor Who it's probably safe to assume you like or would like Hitchhiker's Guide. Like Hitchhiker's Guide, it's cracky and fun and, I think, tends to be more "grin" sort of humour than "laugh out loud" sort of humour, and frankly I'm really fond of "grin" humour. Beyond that, the glimpses of the differences between our universe and Pete's World are dealt with subtly but cleverly by honorh.

why you might not: Possibly you don't like crackfic much, or possibly you hate Journey's End so much the idea of Ten2 and Rose being happy makes you convulse on the floor. Beyond that, I have no idea.

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Look For Connections by SummerRayn
When one of her students asked her where she was from, she'd answered "Gallifrey," without really thinking about it. Cross-over with The Magic School Bus. THAT'S RIGHT, THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS.
~1000 words
Four, Romana (and Ms Frizzle)

reasons you'd like it: IT'S A CROSS-OVER WIH THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, HOW IS THAT NOT AMAZING. Beyond that it's well-written and very much in the narrative style of Doctor Who, even if it is... you know, a cross-over with the Magic School Bus. Bonus points for the explanation behind Ms Frizzle's dress, which is just delightfully Doctor Who-y.

reasons you might not: Um, well, it IS a cross-over. With The Magic School Bus, no less.

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Ha, I bet you forgot this comm was on your watch list.
Can I Get That With A Pump of Ginger Beer Syrup? by KaylieMalinza
She's still irked that her suggestion of "an intergalactic chip shop" was so readily dismissed. Sarah Jane and the Doctor end up in an intergalactic Starbucks, where Sarah Jane experiences an existential crisis and the Doctor says something silly.
~2000 words, humour, Four, Sarah

Why you'd like it: I'm really very fond of the way this fic is written, with a sort of rambling narration that adds a subtle, dry humour to the story. You might notice that this is the first Classic Who fic I've recced, which is sadly due to my own general incompetence regarding the original series. Having said that, Sarah Jane is an adorably inquisitve character in this, exactly in keeping with what I have seen of her from the old series, and easy to imagine growing into the Sarah we meet in New Who. The Doctor, too, feels just right. It's a simple story but cute, memorable because of the style KaylieMalinza uses. Plus, intergalactic Starbucks.

Why you might not: I imagine if you're here for Doctor Who recs you're probably primarily interested in the new series, otherwise you'd have left by now. I've also only seen a total of one serial with Sarah Jane and about half a serial with Four, so what I percieve as very in-character may not be. Er. And maybe the thought of Starbucks eventually becoming an intergalactic enterprise makes you a little nauseus.

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05 April 2009 @ 09:25 pm
Canadian Bears in the UK, by shinyopals
"Of course, bad politics is never easy to escape." The Doctor and Rose run into something they don't expect whilst out on a Torchwood field mission.
~1,500, humour, Rose/TenII

why you might like it: shinyopals is notoriously entertaining and her Doctor/Rose interaction is always a nice balance between sweet and hopelessly dorky, but more importantly -- space bears from Canada. How can I not rec this fic?

why you might not: Space bears from Canada.

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Hey remember me? PROBABLY NOT BECAUSE I SUCK. Sorry.

From This Day To The Ending Of The World, by icebluenothing
It was beautiful here once. But that was before. The last shot in the Time War has fired. The Doctor has to deal with the last thing he expected or wanted -- he survived.
gen, Nine, ~4,000 words

why you'd like it : I read this a while ago, and what sticks in my mind most is the absolutely awesome image icebluenothing has of a TARDIS crashing; it's a fascinating and vivid timey-wimey description that, as best I can tell, makes complete sense with the "science" of this show. Beyond that, I find fics that look at Nine immediately post-Time War fascinating because it's something that canon seems unlikely to ever do more than hint at. Of those that I've read, this is perhaps my favourite, mostly because it is unflinchingly harsh, but also because it explains things you've never wondered about -- Nine's leather jacket, for instance -- and I am a total sucker for that in fanfiction.

why you might not: It is decidedly unhappy, though I suspect if you're only around for fluff you probably wouldn't watch this show. Nine is also quite harsh, for lack of a better word, but given the circumstance I think that's only fitting. I'm also a little undecided on the ending, but I suppose as a glimmer of hope in something otherwise entirely bleak, it works.

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29 March 2009 @ 08:47 pm
tea with the dark lord by cranberry_crash
Luna Lovegood is good at telling stories.
(gen, 1656 words)

why you'd like it: Dark and light, ethereal and straightforward, it's very Luna in wartime - fearful and hopeful simultaneously. This is a fill-in moment with breath-holding suspense and a victorious ending.

why you might not: Honestly? I cannot fathom that someone wouldn't like it. cranberry_crash masters fanfiction yet again.
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24 March 2009 @ 11:21 pm
The Harry Potter Timeline by peterchayward
2036: Emma Watson is arrested for prostitution.
(gen, 2340 words)

why you'd like it: Because if you have not cracked a rib (or several) from laughing by the end, we have a problem. This fandom has never amused me so greatly.

why you might not: This... is not technically fanfiction. Or... wait, maybe? A strange kind of rpf, perhaps, I am not sure, but this hilariously constructed sequence of events in the world regarding Harry Potter is just too much. Rib-crackingly good.
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20 March 2009 @ 06:55 pm
breathe me by andromeda3116
It's like the sword of Damocles, nothing but a thin string between this and free fall. Nothing but a thread between safety and...
(Andromeda/Ted, ~15000 words)

why you'd like it: Most stories focused on this romance cling to Andromeda's point of view, and I found it refreshing to see Ted's. He is very much a teenage boy, with equal parts amusing, touching, and heart-wrenching. Realistically done; perfectly spaced, and ends happily but not mushily. Definitely among the best Andromeda/Ted stories our fandom has.

why you might not: The writing slips from normal to poetic and metaphorical occasionally, and this might put some off, but it was enjoyable, not overdone in the least.

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17 March 2009 @ 11:43 pm
Charmbreaker by orange_crushed
They smile and tell him that he’s grown, which is funny because he feels that he’s been shrinking, and that he won’t stop until he has reduced himself to nothingness, like a star.
(gen, 6619 words)

why you'd like it: Oh, painful, but the ending is satisfying and the middle is absolutely well-done. Like most good (/worth-reading) AU fanfiction, Charmbreaker has a "what-if", and this one is "what-if ... Remus had been forced to leave school after The Prank?" orange_crushed weaves a heartbreaking, interesting, detailed, original, realistic (enough adjectives yet?) life for Remus outside of Hogwarts, tying everything back into canon at the finale.

why you might not: It's AU, once more. But unless you categorically reject alternate universe (or Marauder era), this will be a piece to remember. No slash, unless you choose a liberal interpretation, but even this Wolfstar fangirl saw nothing.

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